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EP 031: Growth hacking for ecommerce: What it means and how to do it


Is growth hacking just an overused buzzword or is it something you should be thinking about?

What is growth hacking, and what does it mean to small ecommerce businesses?

Today I'll be talking about 3 key concepts of growth hacking, and I'll be sharing some real-world examples of ecommerce websites that use growth hacking to grow. My goal is for you to finish this episode with 2-3 specific actionable items that you can implement today to start growing your business using the concepts of growth hacking.

A few of the items we'll be talking about in this episode include:

  • What attributes of products lead them to spread organically

  • How to use analytics to hone down your growth efforts on the most effective methods

  • What a funnel is and what it means to you

I'll also be sharing the key points of growth hacking that differentiate it from traditional marketing:

  1. Growth hacking incorporates built-in virality.

  2. Growth hacking relies heavily on analytics.

  3. Growth hacking focuses on an awareness of where the traffic is in today’s economy, and on placing yourself where you’re visible to that traffic

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