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EP 023: How I'm building an email list and using it to make sales


In today's episode, I share my written marketing plan for Survival Knife Experts, and then I drill down into one aspect of that plan: how I'm building an email list and selling to my subscribers.

Email is a powerful marketing tool, but how can you build up a list of subscribers? And what are you supposed to send them once you have them?

I've been using Facebook ads to drive traffic to a landing page on my site, and this landing page has been convincing about 15% of its visitors to give me their email addresses in order to receive a weekly survival newsletter. In this episode, I'll explain exactly how I set that up and how you can do something similar for your ecommerce store.

To give you as much practical help as I can, I've created two video tutorials walking you through how to set up a landing page and a Facebook ad campaign. On top of that, I've packaged up the code and images for my landing page in a handy ZIP file that you can download below for free. You'll need those files in order to set up the landing page covered in the video tutorial.

I've learned a lot through using Facebook ads to build my email list, and I hope that this podcast episode and these video tutorials help you get started on building your email list and learning how to market through email.

If you have any questions about the episode, difficulties with the tutorials, or if I can help you in any way, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below--I'd be more than happy to help in any way I can.

To view the video tutorials, just scroll down the page a bit.

To hear the episode, click play below or download in iTunes.

Links referenced during the show:

Video tutorial 1: How to set up an email signup landing page in Shopify

Before watching this video, you'll need to download a ZIP file containing the code and images for the landing page. Click here to download the ZIP file now.

Video tutorial 2: How to set up a Facebook ad campaign

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