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EP 033: An ecommerce coaching session with Carole Rains of Rustic Artistry


Today I’ve got Carole Rains from Rustic Artistry on the show for an ecommerce coaching session. As you know, I’ve previously invited listeners to email me about their own ecommerce ventures and apply for a free consulting session with me to be recorded and shared with all of you. I think it can be really helpful to hear about what one of your fellow entrepreneurs is doing, the challenges they are facing, and what’s been working for them. We’re all probably facing a lot of similar challenges, so this is a chance for us to learn from each other. I’m always open to doing more of these coaching sessions, so if you’re interested in coming on the show for one of them, shoot me an email and tell me your story.

A few of the key points we’ll be covering include:

  • How Carole got her site featured on several high-profile blogs that have driven thousands of visitors to her site

  • A number of suggestions I gave Carole for how to improve her conversion rate on high-priced items

  • How Carole built up her Facebook and Pinterest followers to over 2000 followers and how she’s continuing to build those social media followings

  • Some ideas for how she could get nice product photography done for products around the country from different suppliers

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