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EP 043: A transparent talk about the challenges of ecommerce with Robert of


Today I’m talking with my friend Robert, who started his online store last year selling RC cars, boats, and helicopters. Last month Robert and I exchanged a few emails and talked on Skype, and I wanted to have him on because he’s in a stage that I think a lot of us are in, where we’ve started a small ecommerce business but it hasn’t been as successful as we hoped. I talked about this two episodes ago with Shabbir, about how to know when to move on from an idea, but today Robert and I will be talking about what it’s like to still be going at it, struggling to grow your business day-by-day. We’re pretty much in the same life stage of our business--where it’s been around for at least a few months to a year, but we’re struggling to really get some traction with it.

Robert expressed to me that he really wanted to have a transparent discussion about the struggles that can come with ecommerce. He said that it seems like often you have people blogging and talking on podcasts about how they’ve been super-successful and made a lot of money, but that’s just not real life for many people.

So I hope you enjoy hearing us talk pretty openly about what it’s like to really be struggling in the trenches, about some things that we’ve learned through the process, and about some things that maybe we wish we’d known earlier or done differently.

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