56: How to use content marketing to grow your ecommerce business, with Casandra Campbell

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Casandra Campbell is the managing editor of the Shopify blog, so she's got serious chops when it comes to content marketing. Shopify's content team publishes at least 5 blog posts a week on the main Shopify blog, and this content marketing plays a huge role in driving new visitors to Shopify.

Casandra has also worked as a holistic marketing consultant in the past, and she is a cofounder of Liberty Village Brewing Company, a craft brewer in Toronto.

Here's an overview of the topics we discuss on the show:

  • How long should you plan on doing content marketing to see results?
  • How often should you publish blog posts?
  • After you publish great content, how can you promote it to drive traffic?
  • When reaching out to influencers, how can you make it more likely that they’ll read your email pitch and share your content?
  • Why do most ecommerce store blogs flounder, and how can you make one that really engages your audience and drives lots of traffic?
  • How Casandra works her job at Shopify while also running a brewing company on the side with her friends
  • The tools and techniques she uses to collaborate and run the brewing business
  • Waking up naturally—why it’s one of the biggest positive changes Casandra’s made in her life

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