How to edit the CSS of your Shopify theme

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Some of the tutorials here at Ecommerce Pulse require you to edit the CSS for your Shopify theme. If you're not a web developer, you may not be sure how to edit this, so this post will simply show you where to go to find it.

1. Log in to your Shopify Admin.

2. In the sidebar on the left, click on "Themes." Then click "Template Editor" under your currently published theme. Note: If you are using Classic Shopify, it will look a little different. To find the template editor in Classic Shopify, click on "Themes" in the upper right corner, then click "Template Editor."

 3. On the left side, scroll down to the Assets folder, then click on it and click on the CSS file. It will probably be named something like style.css.liquid, although this may vary depending on which theme you are using. If you don't see style.css.liquid, look for another file ending in "css.liquid," (but NOT checkout.css.liquid). 

4. Add your CSS! If you are following another Shopify tutorial on Ecommerce Pulse, go back to that page now to continue the tutorial. Note: To avoid interfering with the existing CSS, I suggest scrolling down to the bottom of the file and adding CSS there.

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