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EP 025: Manufacturing products to sell with Richard Lazazzera


In today's episode, you'll hear an interview with Richard Lazazzera, an amazing ecommerce entrepreneur who shares his experience with manufacturing products in North America and building a men's fashion accessories brand. Richard has built, bought, and sold multiple ecommerce businesses, and has tons of experience that I'm incredibly excited to share with you.

  • The exact steps Richard went through when finding a manufacturer for his products and going through the manufacturing process
  • How he found a manufacturer with a Minimum Order Quantity of only 60 units per style
  • How he got the manufacturer to take on the risk of buying $15,000 worth of materials up front, rather than taking on that financial risk himself
  • How he's packaging his product
  • Richard's top tips for negotiating with manufacturers
  • The difference in capital required for Richard to start an ecommerce store selling his own manufactured products vs. starting an ecommerce store that sources wholesale products
To hear the episode, click play below or download in iTunes. [powerpress]

Links referenced during the show:

  • - Richard Lazazzera's ecommerce blog
  • Finch Goods - Richard's new brand selling men's fashion accessories
  • Alibaba - A source for finding suppliers and manufacturers for your products
  • Maker's Row - A curated directory of manufacturers based in the USA

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