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EP 039: How a stay-at-home mom built a $2 million+ business in a year, with Hilary Zwahlen


Today I’m excited to share a discussion with you that I had with Hilary Zwahlen of White Plum. Hilary is a busy mom who started selling jewelry out of her home last year, and then quickly grew her business to the point that her husband and brother-in-law, Rod and Jay, both quit their jobs and are now working as a team to grow the business.

One reason I’m particularly excited about this interview is that it’s the first guest I’ve had on the show who is also one of my clients. I’ve been working with Hilary, Rod, and Jay for about 8 months now doing web design and development, and I’m really happy for them and excited to see their success.

Hilary and I will be talking about her amazing and inspiring story, as well as some practical tips about working with bloggers to promote your products, partnering with daily deal sites, and she’ll share her advice for new storeowners.

To hear the episode, click play below or download in iTunes.

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