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EP 040: Selling Hip Undies, doing PR Marketing, and succeeding with Facebook ads with Miracle Wanzo


Today I have Miracle Wanzo on the show to talk about how she went from selling on eBay to launching her own online stores. Miracle is the owner of and several other ecommerce sites, and she’ll be telling us about a different angle on marketing than we usually hear about--and that’s Public Relations. It’s a marketing strategy that may require you to hear a lot of “nos” before you get a “yes,” but, as you’ll hear Miracle and I talking about in just a minute, when you do get a “yes” and get featured in a major publication, you can see an explosion in growth overnight, so it’s really a higher-risk, high reward strategy.

We’ll also be talking about how Miracle has successfully used Facebook ads to drive traffic and make sales. I’ve talked before about how I was unsuccessful advertising my products on Facebook, and how I’ve only been able to get newsletter signups, but Miracle uses a unique strategy to make sales from Facebook ads that I think you’ll enjoy hearing about.

Key points you'll hear in this episode:

  • Why Miracle is a huge proponent of investing in PR (Public Relations, not Page Rank)
  • How to get your store featured in major publications
  • Attributes of products that are most likely to be featured in major press outlets
  • What she would do differently if she were starting over today
  • How she has been successful with using Facebook ads to directly drive sales
To hear the episode, click play below or download in iTunes.

What kinds of products are PR-friendly?

During the episode, Miracle talked about several characteristics of products that you'll have a better chance of getting featured in major publications. These attributes include products that...
  • Are new
  • Are unique
  • Have a specific angle (e.g., eco-friendly)
  • Are cause-oriented products (which might be featured during a certain day or month that's celebrating that cause)
  • Are gift products (which might be featured in certain months or seasons of the year)
  • Are hobby-related products

Links referenced during the show:

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