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Essential Habits Of The Successful Entrepreneur: Part 1 (Know Thyself)


Essential Habits of the Successful Entrepreneur: Part 1 (Know Thyself)

You're an Entrepreneur. A Freelancer. A Solopreneur. A general Badass. 

You're hungry and you've been chasing the dream: a thriving business that affords you the lifestyle some people have only dreamt about. 

With such ambitious dreams, it can be easy to become immersed in your business at the expense of your mental and physical health. 

The best entrepreneurs are the ones that recognize that their business is an extensions of themselves and that striving to be the best version of themselves is critical to their success. 

These four habits will ensure you never lose sight of what's most important to realizing your dreams: YOU.

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3 steps to take after you launch a new ecommerce business


You've launched your ecommerce site. Now what?

You've picked a niche, found suppliers, set up a website, and celebrated the opening of your new online store. Your hopes are high, and your excitement is through the roof. You are now officially an ecommerce entrepreneur!

But as you stare at your computer screen, waiting for orders to come rolling in, a question floats to the surface of your mind: How can I make my first sale? And my second? And how can I continue building my business into a thriving shop? What's next?

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My mobile office


Lifestyle entrepreneur. Solopreneur. Digital nomad. Location-independent entrepreneur. Wantrepreneur?

My wife Ryan and I were laughing the other day at some of the buzzwords and made-up words that we see going around the interwebs these days. Whatever you call yourself, there's a growing community of people who have left the 9-5, started their own thing, and are now location-independent (or are working towards it). 

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The Great PPC Experiment: Part 1


For the past few months, I've been saying that I would not use advertising (like PPC) as a primary method of driving traffic to my ecommerce site. I've been told by other ecommerce pros that as a dropshipper with relatively low margins, it would be difficult to spend money on advertising and still make a profit.

However, I've been experimenting with Facebook ads and Google PLAs, and I've made some surprising discoveries that I'm going to share with you as I continue to experiment and learn. Today I'll share some basic PPC principles and what I've learned through using Facebook ads, and then I'll update you in a future post on how the Google PLAs are going.

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11 top blogs you should follow as an ecommerce entrepreneur


Who has time to read more blogs, right? With all of the blogs, podcasts, and books being thrown your way, you might not even feel like trying to fit more consumption into your life.

I feel the same way, but one thing I've learned over the past year or so is the importance of flooding my mind with the thoughts of people who I want to be like. There's a quote you've probably heard before by Charlie "Tremendous" Jones: “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

By carefully choosing blogs to read by great thinkers and inspirational writers, you have the chance to "meet" and be influenced by people in a way that will powerfully shape your growth as an entrepreneur.

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