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Ecommerce Pulse is moving!


Ecommerce Pulse just turned 2! I can’t believe it, but I’ve been blogging on EP since April of 2013, and the first podcast episode came out in June, 2013. A lot has changed since then, I’ve learned a ton, and I’ve loved the opportunity to get to know many readers, listeners, and fellow entrepreneurs.

I wanted to share some news with you about some changes taking place. Back in 2012, I started doing freelance web design and development full-time. You can read about how I gave up my plans for an MBA and decided to strike out on my own rather than work my way up the corporate ladder here.

Almost immediately after starting freelance work full-time, I started using Shopify to help my clients build ecommerce websites, and soon after started blogging and podcasting about ecommerce.

At the time my primary business website was, a portfolio and lead generation site, and Ecommerce Pulse was a separate site entirely. I eventually hired a few part-time developers and rebranded my growing company as Envision. Ecommerce Pulse remained separate and suffered from my focus being divided.

My goal is to be a leading resource for ecommerce entrepreneurs, providing as much advice, inspiration, and help as I can. I realized that I could unify my efforts by combining my company website with Ecommerce Pulse, so that’s what is happening now.

What’s changing?

The Ecommerce Pulse blog and podcast are being moved to, and I’ll be creating redirects so that all of the old articles, tutorials, and podcast episodes will redirect visitors to their new locations at

I haven’t been as consistent with the blog and podcast as I’d like to be, but the plan is to put out new episodes and articles more regularly.

What can you expect in the future?

I’ve never really used Ecommerce Pulse to market my design or development services, although I’ve mentioned them in passing. The blog & podcast will now be part of Envision, but that doesn’t mean that every episode and article from now on will be a commercial--the format will be pretty much the same and I won’t be hard-selling anything. My goal with EP is still to help my fellow entrepreneurs be successful in launching and growing their businesses, even if they're not paying clients.

One project that will be launching soon is a new Shopify theme that I’ll be selling on Envision. The theme has been in the works for a few months now, and is almost ready for completion. It's meant to be the most feature-rich Shopify theme ever created, giving store owners easy access to tons of useful features. If you’re interested in trying out a beta version and giving me feedback on it, send me a message.

The plan is to put out more themes after this first one, so Envision will be a hub of ecommerce resources including blog articles, podcast episodes, Shopify tutorials, Shopify themes, and custom design & development services.

More updates are coming soon!

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