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“Leighton is awesome!

I contacted him with a request on a really tight time-frame and he was able to turn it around for me incredibly quickly AND answer all my questions so that I was empowered to take control of my store on an ongoing basis...

I highly recommend reaching out to Leighton for your next project!”

Rachel |

A letter from Leighton Taylor

Hey! I’m Leighton, and I have one driving goal: to help you make more money with your ecommerce business.

Sure, I design beautiful Shopify websites, but a good-looking website is just a means to an end: increasing your profit.

Building a successful ecommerce business is incredibly difficult. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and expertise developed over a long period of time.

A thriving business generates much more than money—it creates freedom and fulfillment. Imagine how you would feel with an online store that generated 30%, 100%, or 200% more sales than it does now. What kind of freedom would that offer you?

I’ve been building Shopify websites for the past 3 years, and I’m proud to have built websites that helped my clients earn more than $9 million in sales in 2014.

I help entrepreneurs and small businesses of all kinds, ranging from one-person bootstrapped businesses to venture-funded Silicon Valley startups.

If you’re looking for an expertly-crafted, bespoke design for your Shopify store, let’s find out if we’re a good fit to work together.

Leighton Taylor

Our Process

We consult with you and help you through each step toward launching your store.

  • Discover

    We consult with you to determine your big-picture goals, understand your aesthetic preferences, and evaluate the competitive playing field in order to craft an appropriate strategy.

  • Design

    We sketch rough wireframes to quickly nail down the page layouts and get your feedback, then craft pixel-perfect design mockups and meet with you to make any necessary changes.

  • Develop

    Our crack development team converts the mockups into functional, responsive, working code. We meet with you to review the progress.

  • Test & Tweak

    We kick the tires and do a full inspection, making sure the code is up-to-snuff—that is, SEO-friendly, fast-loading, bug-free, and functioning exactly as planned.

  • Launch

    You sign off with your final approval, and the site goes live. Hooray! (cue cash register sound effects)

  • Grow & Maintain

    We help you build an audience by connecting with real people who need your products through SEO and other methods. We also help you maintain and update the site.

Pricing & turnaround time

The price and turnaround time for your custom Shopify design will depend on several factors, including the complexity of your website and our availability to take on projects.

We can tailor our services to suit just about any budget, but our most successful clients plan on investing between $5k-$15k or more on their website design & development.

Updates to an existing website or shops built using an existing Shopify theme often range from $1k-$5k.

A normal turnaround time for a custom design is usually between 6-12 weeks. If you’re in a hurry, we can discuss the possibility of a faster turnaround for a rush fee.

Your needs are unique, so let’s talk. Send us a message about your project and we’ll figure out if we’re right to work together.

“My website needed to be updated and I'm so glad to have found Leighton. The whole process was so easy and Leighton was great to work with.

He answered all my questions very quickly and the how-to videos he made for me were such a great help. Very professional and reasonably priced. I highly recommend working with him!

Erin |

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