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The top 9 best ecommerce blogs to follow in 2016


The top 9 best ecommerce blogs to follow in 2016

One of my most popular posts of all time is 11 top blogs you should follow as an ecommerce entrepreneur. That list was written back in 2013, and it's currently result #2 in Google when you search for "ecommerce blog," so I figured it's time for an update!

Here are the top ecommerce blogs I recommend you follow to stay on top of what's going on in the world of ecommerce. The blogs listed below will teach you loads of invaluable info about choosing an ecommerce niche,, conversion rate optimization, SEO, the latest tips and tricks for marketing your products, and lots more.

These blogs are listed in no particular order.

1. The Shopify Blog

Top Ecommerce Blogs - The Shopify Blog

Shopify churns out daily blog posts to help store owners grow their businesses. Their articles are targeted at small startups and solopreneurs, and they often cover topics like how to do social media marketing, the latest tools from Shopify to help you sell more, and case studies of successful businesses.

My favorite recent blog post by Shopify: How to Use Niche Marketing to Build a Business from the Ground Up

2. A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand - Richard Lazazzera

Richard Lazazzera's blog has become one of the foremost hubs for high-quality information and training to help small ecommerce businesses. He regularly publishes case studies from his own experiments with SEO and other forms of marketing, ideas for trending products and marketing methods, and other tips and tricks that will help you grow your business.

My favorite recent blog post by Richard: 7 Ridiculously In-Depth Case Studies on Starting an Ecommerce Business from Scratch

3. Bootstrapping Ecommerce

Bootstrapping Ecommerce - Shabbir Nooruddin

Shabbir Nooruddin has been trying different ecommerce models for years, and his blog is an awesome resource. Shabbir shares tons of great tips for marketing and SEO, and he reveals how he's building his own ecommerce businesses.

My favorite recent blog post by Shabbir: Making $5996.13 In 50 Days Selling On Amazon FBA

4. Traffic and Sales

Traffic and Sales - Felix Thea

Felix Thea is the host of the Shopify Masters podcast, but he has recently started publishing super-informative articles with videos on his blog, Traffic and Sales. Felix talks about how to use email marketing and social media to grow your ecommerce business.

My favorite recent blog post by Felix: Driving Customers From Instagram To Your Store

5. Blue Stout

Blue Stout Blog

Blue Stout is a digital agency that also happens to put out a top-notch blog about ecommerce. They publish excellent articles on SEO for ecommerce, conversion rate optimization, mobile ecommerce, and more.

My favorite recent blog post by Blue Stout: How to Build Product Pages that Convert

6. Backlinko

Backlinko - Brian Dean

Backlinko is all about SEO, specifically how to build backlinks to your site. As an ecommerce business, one of the most powerful ways to improve your SEO is through backlinks, and Brian Dean shares some amazing techniques on how to get high-quality backlinks, as well as case studies and roundups.

My favorite recent blog post by Brian: How to Get High Quality Backlinks (Without Guest Posting)

7. My Wife Quit Her Job

My Wife Quit Her Job - Steve Chou's ecommerce blog

Steve Chou is one of the prolific ecommerce bloggers today (he publishes 1-5 articles per week), and he shares from his own experiences building an ecommerce business with his wife that replaced her six-figure job income in one year. Steve discusses a wide range of topics, including how to sell on Amazon, how to increase your email signups, tips on personal mindset & motivation, reviews/comparisons of email software and other tools, and tons more.

My favorite recent blog post by Steve: The Future Of Selling On Amazon And Key Takeaways From My Ecommerce Mastermind

8. Store Growers

Store Growers blog - Dennis

Dennis writes longform, detailed articles on Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Shopping, and how to market your ecommerce business on a small budget. He shares case studies and his articles are packed with actionable info that you can use today to grow your store.

My favorite recent blog post by Dennis: How To Get Faster Results From Your Marketing Efforts

9. Ecommerce Pulse

Ecommerce Pulse Blog - Leighton Taylor

Ok, full disclosure--Ecommerce Pulse is the blog you're reading now (it's part of my ecommerce agency, Envision). But hey, I've got to get plugs in where I can. 

I'm Leighton Taylor, and Ecommerce Pulse is where I help small store owners build and grow their online stores. I've started my own ecommerce businesses in the past, and now I work full-time as an ecommerce consultant, helping people build beautiful online stores and grow their audiences and sales.

My story: Why I gave up my plans for an MBA and years in the corporate world to start my own business

Ecommerce Pulse is where I share Shopify tutorials, case studies, marketing tactics, and I also have a weekly podcast which you can listen to here or subscribe in iTunes.

What ecommerce blogs do you recommend? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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