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Ecommerce SEO Guide: How to increase organic search traffic to your Shopify store


Optimizing your site to show up in search engines is a critical part of growing your business. If done right, it can result in thousands of people visiting your site each month, bringing in sales that are not dependent on advertising dollars.

SEO is complicated. It also takes time—it won’t result in overnight traffic to your site, but it’s important to build the foundation for your site’s success and then work a little bit each week and each month to make improvements.

This guide has been especially written for online stores using Shopify. However, the principles apply no matter what platform you’re using.

There are two parts to SEO—onsite and offsite SEO.

This article will explain the basics of both onsite and offsite SEO, and I'll show you the exact strategies and tools I use to increase organic traffic to my sites and my clients' sites.

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How calculating the value of your time will change the way you make decisions


As entrepreneurs, it’s pretty common for our productivity to directly correlate with the numbers in our bank accounts. If your income is based on actual productivity rather than clocking a certain number of hours, an extremely practical exercise can be to calculate how much your time is worth and start making choices accordingly.

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The top 9 best ecommerce blogs to follow in 2016


The top 9 best ecommerce blogs to follow in 2016

One of my most popular posts of all time is 11 top blogs you should follow as an ecommerce entrepreneur. That list was written back in 2013, and it's currently result #2 in Google when you search for "ecommerce blog," so I figured it's time for an update!

Here are the top ecommerce blogs I recommend you follow to stay on top of what's going on in the world of ecommerce. The blogs listed below will teach you loads of invaluable info about choosing an ecommerce niche,, conversion rate optimization, SEO, the latest tips and tricks for marketing your products, and lots more.

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How listening to podcasts changed my life


How listening to podcasts changed my life - Leighton Taylor

Podcasts are the most intimate and powerful form of media, in my opinion. Video is up there too, but one reason podcasts are so wonderful is that you don’t have to be sitting in one place, staring at a screen—you can be exercising, cleaning your house, driving, shopping, working, or whatever you normally do, and podcasts will be changing your life in the background.

The single habit that has had the greatest impact on who I am as a person, my income and career, and my mindset is listening to podcasts. 

If you want to take your business to the next level, learn a new language, study philosophy, or just become a more well-rounded and interesting person, you should be listening to podcasts on a daily basis.

I’ve listed to podcasts almost every day for the past 5 years, and they have absolutely changed my life for the better. Let me tell you how.

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Essential Habits Of The Successful Entrepreneur: Part 1 (Know Thyself)


Essential Habits of the Successful Entrepreneur: Part 1 (Know Thyself)

You're an Entrepreneur. A Freelancer. A Solopreneur. A general Badass. 

You're hungry and you've been chasing the dream: a thriving business that affords you the lifestyle some people have only dreamt about. 

With such ambitious dreams, it can be easy to become immersed in your business at the expense of your mental and physical health. 

The best entrepreneurs are the ones that recognize that their business is an extensions of themselves and that striving to be the best version of themselves is critical to their success. 

These four habits will ensure you never lose sight of what's most important to realizing your dreams: YOU.

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